Xpress Care Clinic

Xpress Care Clinic is a walk-in family practice that provides quality health care, which is convenient and affordable for the entire family. Xpress Care offers many emergency and non-emergency services including care for chronic diseases, physicals, women wellness programs, immunizations and preventive health screening.



How To Grow New Patient Visits & Build A Stronger Brand

Over the past few years, Xpress Care has been able to grow steadily and serve the local community. But with the growing competition, Xpress Care needed to better position themselves as the leader in the family clinic space and provide its amazing services to the greater community. And that is where we came in! Sunan Designs was tasked with rebranding Xpress Care and creating a full fledged digital marketing effort that would do just that!

Increase Visits
Digital Marketing
Social Media


Sunan Building Block Marketing Approach

With our team of Adobe award winning designers, we designed and executed a comprehensive rebranding solution that now accurately reflected the soul of Xpress Care.

In addition, with our Sunan Building Block Marketing Approach, we were able to roll out a series of digital marketing ads that drastically increased patient visits.

With Sunan’s Social Media Solution, we were able to roll out creative designs on a regular basis that started to resonate and increase overall brand awareness.



Increase in Patient Visits & Decrease in CPC

In a matter of a few weeks, Xpress Care Clinic started seeing a drastic increase in overall patient visits, but more importantly, new patients that were interacting with their clinic for the first time!


Growth in patient visits in just 2 months


Growth in new patient over the course of 2 months


New patients now accounted for 48% of all patient visits.


Decrease in cost per click (CPC)

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