3 Ways Covid-19 Has Changed Social Advertisement

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is not the place it used to be. With more and more of people’s daily and work lives shifting online, social media has become even more important than before.

With so much changing, it is more than important to keep an eye on the impact it has had on the landscape of social media marketing.

Here are 3 ways Covid-19 has changed social advertisement:

1. Times to post have changed

As increasing aspects of daily lives have moved online, optimal times to post online on most social media platforms have changed considerably.

For most platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, the best time to post is now around 11.00AM in the morning. In fact, activity levels on weekends have seen a considerable drop as people juggle different family, home, and work tasks while staying home.

All in all, the peak activity on social media platforms has shifted from the evenings when people used to be free traditionally, towards the morning where they now do not have bosses or supervisors to monitor their online activity.


2. Twitter is more popular and consistent

Amid the crisis where social media use has become erratic, more and more people are using Twitter. According to data, patterns of usage for the platform have remained more or less consistent throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is not surprising, considering that Twitter is proving to be extremely useful for the spread of news and helpful information.

Health authorities across the world and organisations like the WHO are using the platform to disseminate useful public information regarding health and safety methods.

People are also using Twitter to keep track of all developments regarding the coronavirus including global efforts for vaccine and drug development.


3. Audience engagement with brands

Just like the best times to post on social media platforms have changed, so has audience interaction with different brands.

Even though, generally, engagement has largely increased across the board, brands are experiencing a decrease in messages and comments like never before.

This is likely an effect of the impact the pandemic has had on the global economy, where people are not as keen to respond to the same advertising as before.

This is because there are still some industries, such as healthcare, entertainment, and food are experiencing a larger volume of traffic than they usually do.


What next?

While one key element of the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertainty, we can be very sure that audience behavior and social advertisement will continue to change radically over the next few months.

Unless, (or even if) you are in the healthcare, food, or entertainment industry, there is a major need to consistently review, assess, and improve on your social marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re looking to improve your social media marketing and want to redesign how your brand is responding to the current crisis, look no further!

At Sunan Designs, we are committed to helping your brand achieve the best, especially in today’s digital marketplace. Reach out today and let our team of experts handle the rest!

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