5 Films Every Graphic Designer Should Watch

As a graphic designer, you’re probably tired of receiving or getting recommended books or tutorials on graphic design to help you accelerate your career.

But what if you’re not really a reader and more of a big screen person? Or maybe you’re just too busy creating every day that you don’t have time to sit down and read?

Well, you’re definitely in luck because today we will be telling you about 5 awesome films that you must watch as a graphic designer.

Grab some popcorn and dive in!

1. Netflix’s Abstract
An 8-part original series that is dedicated to art and design, Abstract is not something to miss out on.

The series is very visually appealing and entertaining while being very informative as well. Abstract has won critical acclaim for taking viewers on an incredible journey into the minds of artists and creators from different disciplines.

As a graphic designer, this series will not only serve as the ultimate inspiration for solving problems in the most creative manner possible.

Watch it right here!

2. Art & Copy
This 2009 documentary is a great pick for graphic designers who want to take a break in the advertising world or simply need some inspiration.

The film not only focuses on design but also prominent people in the industry and what they can tell about the inner workings of the advertising world.

You can find the documentary on Amazon Prime.

3. Helvetica
Of course, this list could not be complete without the incredibly famous documentary Helvetica. While it is part of a trilogy, Gary Hustwit’s masterpiece is a favorite among graphic designers.

Not only will you learn about the history of the uber-famous typeface but the video also includes exclusive interviews with master designers.

Helvetica is available on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Why Man Creates
An Oscar-winning short cinema piece, Why Man Creates is an incredible journey into the process of creativity and the why and how of the human perception of content.

Even though the legendary Saul Bass created this masterpiece in 1968, it’s still relevant today. The film explores how creativity is linked to your very existence on earth.

Definitely a must-watch for all new and experienced graphic designers.

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson’s 2014 creation is not just a cinematic masterpiece, it’s a testament to how great graphic design can create content that delights and captivates.

Everything from the title to the credits is a visual treat with inspiring illustrations and typography.

Anne Atkin is the brilliant graphic designer behind all this work. He is an inspiration for all graphic designers looking to make it in the world of cinema.

That’s all for today.
If you’re a graphic designer who loves watching movies, do watch these. Let us know how they inspire you and your work.

If you feel there is a movie that we missed and should be a part of this list, drop us a line and tell us. We’d love to watch it too!

If you, however, prefer reading here is a blog of some books you should definitely read! 

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