Best Practices to Optimize your Mobile App Install Campaign

  • Jun 20, 2020

The continuous growth in mobile usage has created a competitive app market which is why we’re seeing significant growth in new mobile apps whether the platform is Android or ioS. According to statista, over 2 million & 1.83 million apps are available in Google Play store & Apple App store respectively.

Whether it is Apple Ads, Facebook Mobile App Install or Google UAC campaigns, we have noticed that targeting and optimization options such as bid strategies are limited as compared to different objectives.


Ad copies:

Your ad copy and communication is one of the strongest factors to bring the maximize app installs so make sure you in facebook and google you’re using different creatives such as videos, images & HTML5 ads in required dimensions. Usually, in UACs advertisers don’t fully utilize the ad assets options such as inserting the text ideas, videos, up to 20 image assets and HTML5 ads as google will fetch the information from the app store/play store directly and marketers leave it blank but this needs to be fully utilized as this makes the campaign structure stronger.

Tip: Don’t forget to add mobile app installs extension in your Search Ads/Dynamic Search Ads campaigns as you can get extra conversion from there.


Choose the Right Devices and OS:

An advertiser must know the minimum supported OS version for their app and have to target it accordingly. Most of the advertiser only choose devices but not OS which is why most of the budget is exhausted in irrelevant impressions/clicks. Always choose minimum and maximum supported OS for targeting.


Choose Wi-Fi option only:

If your app size is more than 100 MBs then choose Wi-Fi option only because most of the users don’t want to download the app on cellular data. However, Apple also doesn’t allow its users to download an app which is more than 100 MBs on cellular data.


Target the right user:

Defining your target audience is the most important factor and if you’re using Facebook SDK so you can easily create custom audiences and lookalike audiences. To find the relevant users after selecting the demographics and interest do use the lookalike audiences (Lookalike 1% people who are using your app).

Lookalike audiences are the best-match of your current customers and it is the best way to find new people who are similar to your current customers.

The most important optimization technique is to always exclude your current customers for your app install campaign. As this is not an awareness campaign so don’t show your app installs add who have already downloaded/using it. Always create a different combination of the audiences who are/are not using your app and use it accordingly.

Lastly, it is very important to monitor and analyze your campaign regularly and try different A/B testing because in digital we can never assume the results without testing!

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