Achieving $63,000 in Funding for Mecca Books

Mecca Books

Discover how Mecca Books, a respected online platform for Islamic literature, successfully raised impressive funding for the Biography of Syeda Fatima al-Zahra. Collaborating with Sunan Design, Mecca Books overcame the challenge of securing $52,000 and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to engage the global Muslim community, resulting in exceptional outcomes.


Mecca Books faced the ambitious goal of raising $52,000 in funding, which presented a significant marketing challenge. While the objective was clear, the path to achieving it required careful consideration. To address this hurdle, Mecca Books partnered with Sunan Design to develop a robust and effective solution.


Strategic Insight:

Recognizing the unwavering faith of Muslims worldwide, the marketing campaign harnessed this strong connection to drive engagement. Building upon Mecca Books’ established reputation for providing curated and authentic knowledge, the strategy focused on leveraging the existing audience and expanding reach to other segments.

Setting up a page on Launchgood:

To establish a strong foundation, a dedicated page was created on the Launchgood platform. The page was designed to provide a clear and compelling purpose, offering detailed information about the project. By dividing the funding amount into milestones and stretch goals, potential donors gained transparency on how their contributions would be utilized.

Social Media Marketing:

Capitalizing on Mecca Books’ robust presence on social media platforms, captivating and visually appealing creative assets were developed. These assets effectively conveyed the purpose and significance of the project, capturing the attention and engagement of the existing audience. By actively involving the audience in the campaign, Mecca Books fostered a sense of ownership and community participation.

Email Marketing:

Utilizing the extensive subscriber list of Mecca Books, an impactful email marketing campaign was implemented. The campaign followed a strategic funnel approach, comprising multiple stages. The initial emails focused on raising awareness about the project, emphasizing its importance and generating interest among readers. Subsequent emails were crafted to drive conversions, illustrating how individuals could contribute and become integral parts of the initiative. Lastly, the campaign’s closing emails expressed gratitude to the donors and encouraged them to share the campaign with their networks, magnifying its reach and impact.



The results surpassed expectations, with total funding of approximately $63,000 achieved through the effective marketing campaign. Within a few weeks, the initial funding goal of $52,000 was not only met but also exceeded. The campaign’s momentum continued, swiftly reaching the first stretch goal. The remarkable success of this campaign highlights the power of a strategic marketing approach in mobilizing a community and achieving substantial outcomes.


Through the collaborative efforts of Mecca Books and Sunan Design, the Biography of Syeda Fatima al-Zahra secured significant funding, emphasizing the importance of engaging the Muslim community with an authentic and curated source of knowledge. This case study demonstrates the impact of a well-executed marketing strategy in generating meaningful support and involvement. To explore how Sunan Design can help you achieve remarkable results for your next project, reach out to us today.