Five Tips to Designing Instagram Stories for Medical Practices

Among other social media platforms, Instagram has risen to the top in terms of digital influence. Like many different applications, Instagram is bustling with businesses attempting to advertise their products and services, aiming to meet their marketing and sales strategies.

Earlier, healthcare organizations may have been reluctant to implement social media marketing and advertisement strategies. However, today’s health professionals are looking forward to experimenting with platforms as long as they find the best match for their target audiences. Healthcare is always on the lookout for potential patients. As a healthcare provider, you’re always hoping to broaden the practice, whether you provide advanced and generalized treatment. Thus, Instagram serves to be an excellent platform for a healthcare practice to interact and content with potential patients.


Why Instagram Stories?

People don’t trust blindly when it comes to health; they are more likely to schedule an appointment if they feel a genuine bond with their doctor. This is where Instagram stories shine. With billions of daily active users, Instagram stories serve to be an excellent platform for sharing your content on medical practices and engaging with the target people.

Health worker finds Instagram stories to be the most valuable tool to spread awareness. It has much easier access, simple to create and share, and hits impressive engagement levels every day, which maximizes reaching potential patients. Stories appear at the very top of the feed and are easy to scroll through, with a single tap moving you from one to the next. Moreover, they also have the unique function of displaying who has seen the poster’s story.


Tips for designing Instagram stories:

To increase the possibility to reach out to the target audience, one should keep in mind the following tips while designing Instagram stories:

1) Creating Highlights:

According to the Instagram algorithm, stories shared don’t last for more than 24 hours. However, shared stories on Instagram eventually go to the folder of archives that appears in the insights. Thus, to make the story last forever on the account, healthcare workers need to utilize highlights on Instagram. Make separate highlight folders on the history and add all the stories linked to that particular subject matter.

In this way, it will be saved on the account for later view, especially for the new followers and for those who, just in case, have missed the stories. For example, if you are a plastic surgeon, you can create highlights, namely rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, face lifting, etc. This will also help clear the confusion of the followers who need to know about the particular procedure before going for it.


2) Geo Tagging:

Another suggestion is to use the location option in each story to tag your practice location for a chance to get included in that location’s geo local tag for the day. By doing this, you might get featured in powerful stories of that particular field on Instagram. This will help in promulgating your practice and will help you reach the target audience.


3) Strategically Hashtag:

Add hashtags to the stories according to your marketing strategy. However, if you don’t feel comfortable adding it to your stories but still want to benefit from this feature. There are two possible ways to hide the hashtags; either you can place a sticker or any emoticon on the hashtags or change the color of the hashtag. Type the text, and a collection of colors will appear at the bottom of the screen, there you’ll find a tool on the left most of the screen.

By using that tool, you can change the color of the text as per your desire. Placing the tool on the background or the particular picture you’re sharing, the color of the text will automatically change to that of its color. Doing so will make the text invisible, as the same-colored text on the same-colored background will make it disappeared. Besides, making the font size small will also help.


4) Interviews or Live stream:

Another tip for health workers to boost their business is to share their patient’s experiences with you. Interview them, asking about their overall journey with you and about the medical practices they went through. Sharing the patient’s experiences will attract more potential patients to reach out to them. Moreover, you can do live streams showing a day in your life at your workplace.

Explaining the procedures while practicing them and responding to the questions one by one appears on the Livestream comment section. By doing this, you will get the chance to interact with your followers and establish good relations with your audience, which will help you grow.


5) Utilizing stickers:

You can use the feature of question stickers on your Instagram stories to inquire what people are searching for. This feature’s insights keep collecting all the questions till the deadline of 24 hours, till the story disappears. Once the story’s time limit ends, note down all the questions asked by the followers on the question stickers and later respond to those questions in the stories.

Either create one story or divide the questions and make different stories on the particular subject matter. Then add it to highlights for later use. This will help you interact more with your followers and make you aware of the specific space you need to work on. Moreover, quiz stickers are also available on Instagram stories which can be used to survey about anything you need to inquire about. The survey results will help you create more content related to them.

Summing up, Healthcare providers face a little difficulty in digital marketing, as they are too occupied with their duties. They get little or no time to merchandise their healthcare practices or products on media. For such enthusiasts, we “Sunan Designs” provide a well-trained team assigned to work according to the client’s will, which will help you reach out to your target market through digital marketing. Our team will provide you with great innovative solutions and will make you choose the right path to success, helping your business grow.


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