Fostering A Strong Brand Identity

Your brand image is everything. Period. In this day and age of an over-saturated digital market, and with more customers choosing to buy online than ever, your brand is what sets you apart. Having a recognisable brand is the only way you can ensure that your customers come to you.  

Unlike most people tend to think, your brand is NOT just a nice logo and colors – it’s an experience

Your brand is everything – from your company’s story and values, all the way to the emotions you make your customers feel, the connection you have with them. A strong brand is one that builds on these connections and continues to project this experience to their customers through messaging, marketing, and customer service!

Here are the 3 steps you need for fostering your brand identity!

Create your brand identity

Yes, the first step towards fostering your brand identity is having a brand in the first place. While this step is mainly for the newer businesses out there, it also applies to old ones. If all you have is a logo and a slogan, then that’s not enough.

In order to define your brand, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who is our ideal audience/customer?
  • What problems do we solve for these customers?
  • What are our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) (In other words: what sets us apart?)
  • What is our brand’s story? (These are the values you stand for, the mission of your company)

Once you have answers to all of these, you’re halfway there!

Consistency is key

As a leading marketing and design firm in the industry, there is nothing our experts stress on more than consistency. You see, once you have a brand, that’s exactly what your customers expect from you.

It’s vital to keep your tone, message, and most importantly, your image, as consistent as possible. The repercussions of not doing so are more drastic than you can imagine.

People tend to form connections, or associations in their minds that connect one idea to the next. Any change in that association can be jarring, and will cause a lot more harm to your brand image.

Be genuine

Finally, remember to always be genuine and authentic. Most brands forget this vital element of their brand identity as they grow, and this is what causes companies to become faceless corporations.

Your customers aren’t just looking for a product or service to solve their problems. They’re choosing you to provide that product or service because of their connection to your brand – the human element!

Keep your communications as conversational, and human as possible. Show the human side of your business (meet the team, and behind the scenes videos are great for this!).

Most importantly, remember that it’s not your colors, logo, or tone that decides your brand identity – it’s your customers!

If you found these key steps to fostering your brand identity helpful, be sure to let us know!

If you’re still having trouble, then lucky for you, at Sunan Designs our diverse team of design experts is only a tap of a button away. Reach out today with your project details and we’ll be ready to dive in!

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