3 Secrets To Success When Working From Home

  • Jun 18, 2020

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, it has become increasingly inevitable for employees and business owners alike to work from home. For most of us, the experience is not just very new – it’s also very disturbing.

After all, who would have thought that the extreme flexibility, no commute, and the ability to work in your pajamas would have its downsides? But the truth is, it does.

Every single day we find ourselves less and less focused towards the task at hand. We try to multitask and juggle work, entertainment and chores but end up increasingly frustrated because we simply were not as productive as we’d like to be.

So, how do we get our productivity back?

While everyone may have a different opinion, at Sunan Designs we have always had a flexible work structure, with some of our expert marketers and designers choosing to do most of their work from home.

According to these experts, it all boils down to 3 secrets, which we will just let you in on. Follow these and you will experience a boost in your productivity and positivity in no time!

1. Get enough sleep!

You heard us right! With the pandemic, most of us are working and sleeping at crazy hours, and even though it might seem like we’re getting more sleep than usual, it certainly isn’t true.

Finishing that report at 3.30AM after you’re done with all your chores and entertainment isn’t doing your sleep cycle any favors.

Having a strict sleep schedule is incredibly powerful. It adds structure to your otherwise unplanned day and ensures you have enough energy to carry on all day!

2. Shower and dress for work

Our experts all agree that even though it is extremely tempting to work in your pajamas, it really doesn’t work.

Because we are so used to getting up every morning and getting ready for work, we have conditioned our brain into kicking into gear the minute we start our morning routine.

To get into that mindset, it is essential that we prepare for working at home the same way we would prepare for a day at the office.

It also doesn’t hurt to not have to scramble to look presentable for any impromptu meeting!

3. Schedule your day

The reason you work so well at your place of business is because you follow a certain schedule. This forces you to commit to work at a certain pace so that you can be finished right in time for the next thing.

At home, our experts recommend using a timer to divide your day up in blocks. When the time is up, move on to the next thing. Before you know it, you will be back to working at full speed!

At the end of the day

It’s important to remember that this is the first time we are all going through a crisis like this. As a business owner, there are only so many things that you can keep a tab on virtually.

And that’s okay, because we’re here to take care of all your digital marketing – so that you don’t have to!

Our team of expert designers and marketers is only one phone call away – reach out today and let the experts handle it all!

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