5 Tips for Designing Promotional Flyers

When marketing your business, promotional flyers are a great option for making an impression on potential customers. Even though it’s the digital age, printed flyers remain an excellent marketing tool and are extremely effective at publicizing your business.

There are quite a few reasons for this: flyers are primarily meant to attract attention, they allow for a ton of creative freedom, and most importantly, they’re super cheap and affordable! Here are 5 tips for designing awesome promotional flyers.

1. Know your audience

As with any kind of marketing, knowing your target audience is important when designing your flyer. Your design should revolve only and only around your target customer, and should attract them at first glance.

For example, if your target is kids with pet dogs, then all your design elements including font, color, and artwork should reflect that. Cute collars, kennels, and of course a child with cute puppy will do the trick!

2. Keep it simple

Now that you have your design theme ready, it’s time for your content. Because flyers are usually a one-page affair, you simply do not have a lot of space for too many words. Keep your content and messaging as brief as possible.

The headline shouldn’t exceed 3-5 words, and the description should be as brief. A good example is: “Big Ben’s Juicy Steaks!” – “Get 50% Off On First Order!”. Pair that up with a photo of juicy steaks and a nice color scheme, and you’re good to go!

3. Element placement

There are certain areas on every document where the human eye is most likely to land first. Grid your flyer using 2 horizontal and vertical lines, and your hotspots are where these intersect. Put all useful information here and voila! You have a nice and visually appealing flyer.

4. Don’t forget your contact details

The main purpose of the flyer is to compel potential clients into taking action. This is why you shouldn’t make the mistake most advertisers do of keeping the contact information crammed away in small print in a corner of the page.

Make sure your contact details are nice and visible. The font, color and formatting should be in tune with the rest of the flyer. Again, keeping it simple is the key – do not cram a lot of contact information. If all people have to do is call in, then there’s no point in including your full address.

5. Proofread

Quality control is important, every step of the way. Make sure you proofread and inspect your flyer for any grammatical, punctuation and design flaws before getting it printed. Getting some actual sized proofs will help gain new perspective. Remember, once it’s printed, there’s no going back!

Bonus: Think out of the box!

As we mentioned earlier, flyers offer a great deal of extra creative freedom as compared to other marketing methods. Experiment with shapes, colors, glitters, embossed details and even include free samples with your flyer! Don’t be afraid to break the rules and think outside the box.

Still need help? You need not worry one bit! At Sunan Designs, our expert designers are always ready to assist you with anything you need. Reach out today and we’ll whip up a stunning flyer for your business like no one else!

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