All About Hashtags

It’s 2021 and, hashtags are still as paramount for your social media posts as ever.

An Instagram post with at least one hashtag is likely to get up to 12.6% more engagement than a post without a hashtag. 

It’s relevant to learn how to use hashtags and include them in your social media strategy. Using hashtags is quite an effective way of getting more engagements and views. 

Today we will be learning everything there is to know about hashtags, including their importance, how to use them on different platforms and what separates a relevant hashtag from a bad one. 

Let’s get started! 

What are hashtags?

Before the symbol became the social media staple it is today, the # symbol was used as a symbol for pound (the weight measure) and later used as a symbol for the word “number”. 

But in 2007, social media users discovered that it was needed to categorize posts, and it just blew up from there. 

Today, hashtags can make your posts more visible to people looking for the same kind of content. You can even search by hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to find posts with the specific sort of content you seek. 

The algorithms on these social media platforms are designed to categorize and display posts based on their hashtags, so you are much more likely to see posts with hashtags that you are interested in on your feed. 

Why should I include hashtags in my posts? 

Two words: more engagement! 

Using hashtags properly will make sure the social media platform categorizes your posts correctly and displays them to people who are interested in that particular kind of content. 

If they’re on Instagram, they might even be following that specific hashtag. 

This means that your hashtag is one of the best ways to get discovered organically by new audiences, and even more importantly – audiences that are genuinely interested in your content!

Ultimately, more engagement translates to more followers, and in turn, more customers for your brand. 

How to use hashtags

While the following basic rules tend to apply for all hashtags, the rules can be slightly different for each social media platform. 

Basic hashtag rules

● Always start with a ‘#’

● Don’t include spaces, punctuation, or other symbols

● You can add numbers but don’t only use numbers

● Don’t string too many words together

● Make sure your accounts are public

● Don’t use too many hashtags!

Hashtags on Facebook

  1. Do not use too many hashtags, 1 to 2 hashtags will work the best
  2. Make your page or post public. Without this, only your followers or friends will be able to see your hashtags. 
  3. Make sure your hashtags are short and don’t include too many words or numbers. 

Hashtags on Twitter

  1. Hashtags on Twitter can be quite powerful. It’s critical to use them properly. 
  2. Use 1-2 hashtags per tweet but no more than that. 
  3. Tweets with hashtags generally get more retweets, but asking for retweets can also give you a boost
  4. Avoid using hashtags on ads on Twitter. More often than not, this can have a negative effect. 

Hashtags on Instagram

  1. Always use hashtags on Instagram. Do not post anything without hashtags
  2. Unlike other social media platforms, on Instagram, you should use as many as 11 hashtags for maximum engagement
  3. Research your hashtags by looking for posts similar to yours. Look at the hashtags they’ve used and how well they are working. Feel free to copy and use the most popular ones! 

That’s all folks…

Still unsure about hashtags? We’ve got your back! 

At Sunan Designs, our brilliant team of designers and social media wizards are always eager to help you out. 

Get in touch with us today, and sit back and relax while we work magic on your social media!  


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