Consistent Communication is Key


Hope everyone is doing well and had an amazing Thanksgiving! Welcome to our Sunan Weekly Roundup!

As I mentioned in the last email, we are doing some awesome Sunan gear giveaway. Check out our Instagram to learn more!

What we are working on

This week, we dropped two awesome articles (1) Top 5 Marketing Tactics to Triple Your Optin Rate Guide and (2) 5 Ways to reduce your cost per lead. I’m super stoked for both of these pieces! Simple things we can all do that will drastically impact our optin rates. HINT: definitely check out step 3 in the guide!

Sunan’s next big idea

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was something out there (video, article, checklist) that showed you “How to hack your competitors’ social media strategy!” Imagine this even showcased the exact images, ad copy and even interest groups our competitors are using to grow their business! What if it showed how much your competitors are spending on key buzzwords to capture more traffic?! I personally feel this would be a huge asset for many of us.

My biggest takeaway this week – Consistent Communication is key:

Many of us, including myself, sit around and do not share enough valuable content with our community. As a person who is trying to become better at what I do, I am realizing that is not a sustainable and practical approach. Rather, what we as marketers and organizations need to do is share consistently and often with our community.

If you are not consistently communicating and providing value to your customers, they will not buy from you.

Think about it… Look what trillion dollar companies like Apple and Google have consistently been able to do! They are constantly sharing information on social media regarding tips and tricks about various app that provide value and make our lives easier.

They are constantly releasing products to the market place which are redefining, year after year, how we interact with each other and get our work done.

Likewise, if you are not consistently talking to your audience, they will not share your voice, your message, your work with the world.

So often, we make the mistake of only reaching out to our customers when we are selling something. Rather, we should be asking ourselves, what valuable insight can I provide to my community this week that will move the needle for them in their mindset and business.

Our struggles often come from our lack of consistency

And for me, that is why I look forward to this weekly roundup email! It forces me to learn something new every week and share it with you, the Sunan community 🙂

Oh! By the way! Im working on a marketing framework which helps reshape what we need to be focusing on to grow our business. More details on that in my next email.

Time to level up

– Sajjad Husain, Founder & CEO

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