Could WhatsApp be the New E-Commerce Platform?

E-commerce is booming and consumers now demand instant product deliveries. This means maintaining effective and timely contact with your customers is a critical component of growing your business.

For businesses new to the field of e-commerce, did you know that you can utilize WhatsApp as an e-commerce platform?

Let’s discuss what the latest feature of WhatsApp entails.

WhatsApp Carts

With a network in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is always working on adding new features to simplify its users’ lives. This raises the bar for quality communication in the industry.

WhatsApp has earned the trust of several successful companies around the world by keeping their data private and secure. Their business communication is technologically driven, thanks to features such as end-to-end encryption, real-time location sharing, group phone, and video calling, visible read messages, and last seen an indication of forwarded messages, and more.

Now, through WhatsApp Carts, potential clients of businesses on the network can browse catalogs, select items, and check out all in one chat.

WhatsApp’s Carts feature adds one of the most prominent store features to the app: shopping carts. A physical shopping cart lets you collect many items before you check out all of your purchases at once. WhatsApp Carts accomplishes this by streamlining shopping. The users can message businesses on WhatsApp that sell several products; they may now explore the businesses’ catalogs, select various items, and transmit their selection as one order in a message.


E-Commerce And WhatsApp Integration

Businesses may easily create a WhatsApp Business profile by following these three simple steps:

  1. Sign up with your business phone number.
  2. Settings> Business Settings > Profile
  3. Include your business’s address, hours of operation, website links, social media links, and contact information.

Your profile is established and ready to go after the WhatsApp team confirms your business.

Setting up a business profile on WhatsApp enables firms to improve awareness by allowing them to engage directly with clients, expand their reach to a worldwide audience, and enhance their potential for success. Businesses can also use this profile to provide customers with company information to contact you. In this manner, you remain in constant contact with every consumer.


Organize Your Communication With Customers Through WhatsApp

Businesses may now arrange all of their consumer communication effortlessly. Companies may categorize each contact and quickly locate the necessary information using “labels” when creating folders to organize emails.

Additionally, businesses can establish a ‘broadcast list’ by including the contact details for a range of consumers. This enables companies to send texts to numerous recipients simultaneously without the recipients knowing the other receivers.

Analytics For Businesses

Businesses now have access to real-time statistics on their communication. By thoroughly analyzing their previous communication patterns, firms can get valuable insights to aid future company planning. Businesses have direct visibility into the progress of every communication using powerful messaging features accessible on WhatsApp, such as last viewed info, message delivery status, and an indicator of reading messages.

Improved Customer Support

Depending on the requirements, each firm can benefit from effective two-way communication with its consumers. Customers can contact you directly using WhatsApp’s chat services for extra information or support. When customers require a change to their hotel booking or a replacement boarding ticket due to airline changes, they can contact you to resolve the issue immediately. Consumers no longer need to dial your business number, navigate through IVR, queue up, and speak with a customer service representative.

Various Multimedia Attachments

By including seven distinct types of multimedia attachments – audio, videos, documents, photos, locations, contact details, and texts – you can respond to consumer inquiries, enrich the message, and guarantee that you provide all necessary resources. What is your consumer wishes to purchase the same fragrance they bought last month, but it’s no longer available? There is no issue. You can now tell them whenever the item returns to stock and even send an image of the product to guarantee it is correct. By utilizing GPA for real-time location sharing, businesses can effortlessly provide a link with consumers on WhatsApp that would assist them in tracking their delivery.

Send Quick Replies

Quick responses enable you to send numerous messages with little effort. It allows businesses to save and reuse regularly sent texts to clients, allowing you to send the saved response to commonly asked inquiries quickly.

A Final Word

The latest feature of WhatsApp integrating e-commerce has the potential to revolutionize the realm of online business. With more convenience and features, WhatsApp e-commerce will provide benefits to both companies and consumers.

What do you think about this new feature of WhatsApp? Will you be setting up your business profile on the messaging app too?

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