Design Tricks For Healthcare Marketers

Every business, big or small, needs to market itself in order to grow. What most health and wellness marketers don’t realize is that great graphic design is key to successful marketing, especially for the health industry!

You see, being in a business where the primary focus is the well-being of your customers, it is important that your marketing looks as amazing as possible in order to have maximum impact. After all, seeing is believing!

So how exactly do you get around to designing awesome graphics for the health industry? Well, we’ve outlined our favorite tips and tricks in this article, so read on and find out!


There are a lot of businesses that come under the health and wellness umbrella, but one aspect they all share is that they deal with people personally. This is why it’s absolutely necessary to employ the same element in your design.

Images play a powerful role in graphics and are the perfect tool to create the desired personal environment in your design. Skip models, and perfect shoots. Instead, use images that appear more ‘natural’, more human. Black and white shots add amazing impact and feel to designs.

Text is an integral part of graphic design and is probably the most powerful tool when you want to create a personal feel in your visuals. Use phrases that include “we” and “us”, for example: “We care…”, or “You have us on your side!”. Retelling powerful stories from previous patients or clients can also add powerful emotions to your designs.


Needless to say, colors play one of the most important roles in visuals. Different colors trigger different emotions in people, and in the healthcare industry, you need people to feel cared for, and safe.

Blues, greens, pinks, and yellows (lighter shades) are great choices, as they all trigger a variety of positive emotions. However, an expert tip is to opt for softer, muted versions of these as these will distract from the jarring notes of vibrant colors.

Slightly saturating all your colors with white will help create a hopeful, positive vibe without adding unnecessary noise or emotions to your message.


Infographics are an extremely powerful tool at your disposal. Considering that this industry is all about disseminating useful information, infographics can do wonders for your marketing.

Remember, almost everyone is concerned about their health. Not only do infographics disseminate difficult information into an easy to grasp visual medium, but they’re also great at generating trust and brand recognition.

Infographics are successful simply because of the sheer amount of people looking for help and information. May it be about nutrition, fitness, mental health, or even parenting; a well-designed and informative infographic is guaranteed to generate thousands of views and shares across social media – spreading awareness and increasing your brand’s reach!

Create a sense of urgency

As a health and wellness organization, your primary aim is, to help as many people with their well-being as possible. Many people face a lot of health problems that can be avoided or treated properly if addressed on time.

However, a majority of these are simply not aware of the potential dangers of letting these things go unaddressed. Create a sense of urgency by using powerful imagery, and headlines such as “Before it’s too late!”.

Remember, great graphic design can not only spread awareness, but it can actually save lives by pushing people into action!

Remember to stay positive!

The health and wellness industry are all about helping people live better and healthier lives. People look for hope and reassurance, and your designs should make them feel safe, cared for, and positive!

If you’re in the health industry and need help with any of the above, feel free to reach out to our brilliant team of marketing and graphic design experts at Sunan Designs today! Your designs will be in the good hands of our Adobe award-winning designers.

To learn more, send us an email at: info@sunandesigns.com

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