How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

The biggest and most valuable asset your company owns is your brand.

You heard that right. Your brand is what your customers recognize and love the most about you! And no, your brand is not just your logo, slogan, or color scheme. It’s about so much more! Your brand is best defined as the feelings and emotions your customers associate with your company and products.

In other words, it’s the overall perception your customers have about your business.

Needless to be said, in today’s digital world, your brand is what sets you apart from the competition and can get you to the top. So how do you go about building a strong brand? No need to worry! Below we’ve highlighted the 9 simple steps you need to follow to build and foster your brand identity!

1. Find your brand’s purpose

To start, you have to identify what purpose your brand is trying to fulfil. Remember, people are not going to buy your product just because you have one. Your customers want more. Tell them what you aim to achieve with your brand.

2. Learn from your competitors

Learning doesn’t mean you copy or imitate them. Rather, try and find out where they’re lacking and what they’re doing wrong. Make up for it and make sure your customers know that your brand cares about them!

3. Know your audience

Always know who you’re selling to. Identifying who your target audience is goes a long way towards building a brand they will appreciate! You can’t sell the latest sneakers to retirees or dentures to teenagers can you?

4. Make it your mission

Find out what your brand is most passionate about and make it your mission statement. Let your audience know exactly why your brand exists and what you’re doing to make it worth their while!

5. What do you offer?

Customers care about quality too, so make sure you highlight exactly what your brand offers. Of course, there will always be other companies offering similar products but what makes you unique?

6. Find your voice

Every brand needs a voice. This is the tone you use to communicate with your audience. Depending on your brand it can be anything from young and hip to informational and business-like. However make sure it matches exactly what your brand is all about!

7. Be human

Nobody likes faceless corporations or robotic responses. Today, in the age of social media, customers prefer personal interactions above anything. Don’t be afraid to showcase the personality behind your brand!

8. Tell your story

Make use of every single marketing opportunity to tell the world what your brand is all about. From social media posts to blogs, never forget to tell people your story.

9. Integrate your brand values

Make sure that everyone at your company, from management to the employees understand your brand values and stick to them. A brand is only as good as the people that make it happen!

That’s all for now! These 9 steps are all you need to build a strong brand identity. If you’re still unsure or need help, don’t worry!

At Sunan Designs we take pride in helping you build your brand and telling your story to the world. Reach out today and let our expert team handle the rest!

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