How to Create a LinkedIn Content Strategy?

LinkedIn has evolved as a professional platform and a social hub for everyone over the years. It is being used at its best for connecting with professionals, seeking different jobs in different countries, helping each other within a community, and marketing the services and various products to a larger audience. The business that is not using the Linked Content for engaging and attracting the audience is a step behind the others. LinkedIn is serving as one of the most influential platforms to spread your word across the globe. It is a valuable tool to target a broader community, but first, you need to understand how and when you can effectively target the right audience.

LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn has become the most important channel to market the content and building B2B relations. According to the marketers, almost 50% of the total B2B traffic generates from LinkedIn, and nearly 94% of the marketers recommend LinkedIn. It is known as the best channel for distribution by the audience. Marketing professionals highly praise it as the content on LinkedIn is remarkable in terms of information and facts. With so much content on LinkedIn, each piece of information is highly engaging and interactive, and nothing seems to be dry.

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How to Create a LinkedIn Content Strategy?

There is so much content already on social media that you need to be unique, creative, and well planned before publishing your content. You need to have a great content strategy that will require some brainstorming and time in development. You can not just write anything and post it on social media. You would need to be innovative to offer something extraordinary to your virtual community. Here are a few pointers which you must keep in mind before creating a LinkedIn Content Strategy.

1)   Target Audience

The first step is to figure out your target audience. Who will be reading the content? Who are you willing to attract? What topics will engage the audience? These are a few basic questions which you must answer to move ahead. You will have to think about your reader’s demographic, lifestyle, age group, interests, and marketing perspective before publishing the post. The more connected and targeted the audience would feel, the more likely they will interact and engage with the brand by either liking it, sharing it, or commenting on it.

2)   Focus on Objectives

You will have to create a content strategy that will cater to the goals you wish to achieve. Your every objective, consideration, correspondence, or conversion matters related to the client, so you must ponder over it in detail. Effective communication is the key to the success of your business and LinkedIn content strategy. On social channels, the best approach to follow is inbound marketing. You can build up ad hoc content then utilize it for different domains and audiences by making slight alterations as per the audience’s interest. All you have to do is find the answer to the question: What would you like to achieve from your LinkedIn page? How will it assist your business in the long run? Once you have finalized your objectives, you can proceed with outlining the metrics.

3)   Outline the Metrics

Defining the metrics while creating a LinkedIn content strategy is very important. Metrics play a very prominent role in improving the strategy’s performance and analyzing content marketing outcomes. You would need metrics to assist in the later stages of your content strategy, so you must have specific metrics for everything. These include:

  • Metrics for measuring different kinds of engagements, such as the number of users involved in the posts: such a measurement could be determined by the number of shares, likes, comments, and time spent reading the post.
  • Metrics for measuring the notoriety, which means the numbers of users within a specific time of the published post. The numbers of followers, page views, website visits, social media activity, and impressions determine the notoriety.
  • Metrics for measuring conversions which reveal whether the users have reached the expected stage or have made the final decision regarding purchasing the product or not. This could be achieved by offering good sales or quotations.


4)   The Editorial Strategy

The editorial strategy revolves around two major concepts: the editorial plan and the editorial calendar. The editorial plan is the social plan which talks about the communication with the audience, the aims and objectives of the post, the roles, and the graphical mood. Simultaneously, the editorial calendar has content that needs to be posted with frequency.  You can schedule your posts weekly or monthly and decide on the frequency after analyzing the market. Most people are available on LinkedIn during working hours, so you must post during those times for better reach.

5)   Type of content

The type of content to be posted in the heart of the whole content strategy. You have the freedom to publish whatever you wish to, but you need to think of something that attracts the audience. It is not only about attracting the client; the most significant aim is to attract and hold the client. Your content must offer quality information and must grasp the attention of the reader. You must add images about your product, or a short video would help a lot! These days people are more into visuals rather than going through the whole post. Therefore, to increase the reach of your LinkedIn content, try to use high-quality images and make interactive videos to keep your clients glued to your business.

Hopefully, these strategies will help you create fantastic content for your business or services and let you achieve the goals you have set for your business.

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