How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter is one the most famous and reliable social media platforms for any kind of activity, be it political, economic, technology-related, or anything. Anything you post on Twitter becomes a statement, and your followers define your success. The more followers, the more influential you are assumed to be.

The higher rate of followers shows that your customers, leads, or audience are deeply interested in what you are and how you are to the general public. For most marketers, Twitter is the best and most authentic network for working and interacting with customers. It is fast-moving, simple, easy to use, and accessible to all platforms, leading you to success with the increasing number of your followers. Now the question arises, how to increase the followers?

Let’s have a look at our tips for getting the most followers to your Twitter!

1)  Regularly Tweet

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter requires an aggressive approach. It requires good content marketing strategies, impressive and engaging content, and rapid turnover. Most people post around 3 to 7 posts, which is considered a sweet spot, while many businesses tend to target 15 to 20 posts every day. This gives them a strong position and gives the viewers new content every time they browse. In this way, the network grows, competition grows, and so does the number of followers on Twitter.

Even the potential followers get admired by the active and worthy content, which attracts them even more. You can also use the software for social scheduling, which will help you schedule your posts, and in this way, you can easily target different audiences at different times. The social media stats reveal that the most favorable times to post are the early mornings and late afternoons on the weekdays and late-night over the weekends. These are when most people are active on their social media accounts; hence, the best way to engage users and increase their followers.

2)  Visual Content

Life in this era is speedy, and everyone is in a hurry, and most people do not have time to sit and listen to long notes, watch videos, or even read long paragraphs. People browse and skim through the content and move ahead if it is wordy. Make sure when people browse through the content, they stop by yours. Incorporate more visual content than plain text.

The tweets that have attractive visuals get more shares, tweets, and likes, unlike those that appear dull and less beneficial. The images attract the users, and serial scrollers stop looking at what you have posted and push them to follow or retweet what you have posted. Another common practice is to add a GIF or a meme along with your tweet to skyrocket the followers!

Also, adding infographics to your post will give it a boost three times and attract a larger audience. The same is the case with videos; people would rather watch than reading so make sure you have the right content to make them listen and understand you. Whether you wish to entertain your audience or provide them with information, the visuals and engaging data analytics will bring in new followers.

3)  Upgrading the Twitter Strategy

The best you can do is upgrade your Twitter strategy with the help of Sprout Social. It offers you various tools that can be used for publishing the content, engaging the audience, providing data analytics and social presence. It could help you efficiently perform all the tasks to enhance your fan following. For instance, you can use Sprout ViralPost to schedule your content at the right time and get more views.

You can also use automated Chatbots to reply to your customers quickly. Then you can use it for visualizing the efficiency of Twitter and the new and old campaigns with the help of the Keyboard Report of Twitter. The Advanced Listening features could help you generate new products once you have gathered all the information and insights from the competitors, target market, or the industry you are about to target.

4)  Harness Your Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most common and most successful trends these days. You can attract more people with your hashtag. Think of what will appeal to the followers more, focus on hashtags so you might name your child, make them SEO friendly and according to what you are to the world. With the right hashtags, your posts will be easily searchable. One of the best practices on Twitter is to use a hashtag with your tweet.

A tweet with a hashtag has more chances to be viewed than the one without it. Hashtags allow you to get more followers since there is a range of hashtags to choose from, and someone might search for a specific hashtag, and you might pop up in the search. This is how you might get a new follower. Such a scenario happens more often you would expect! You can take help from Twitter Analytics by Sprout, which will guide you about the most performing hashtags to boost your account.

5)  Optimize the Profile

When you are looking for new followers, you will come across many bots, and for brands, it is necessary to get human followers who can engage and interact. To attract more people, you will have to optimize your profile. Firstly, you will have to upload a new and clean profile picture. A free photo is likely to grasp people’s attention. Secondly, you can add relevant tags, your industry keywords, and your current location.

This seems to reveal that the profile is authentic. Lastly, you should add a touch of your personality. The more your followers will know about you, the more likely they will stay with you. The optimized profile shows that the account is not controlled by a bot but a lively human being!


Hopefully, these tips will help you get more followers on Twitter!  Furthermore, You can seek help from well-known companies like Sunan Designs. Schedule your Free Consultation and learn how you can level up! Many of the world’s most successful companies, big and small, trust Sunan Designs for their graphic design and digital marketing needs.

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