How to get on TikTok’s for you Page

TikTok has rapidly risen to be among the most widely used social media platforms.

As TikTok became more popular, one query arose: “How to get on TikTok For Your page?” Whenever users check-in, they are sent to the homepage of handpicked content.

This post will explain and educate you on all you need to learn about TikTok’s enigmatic algorithms and how to take advantage of them.

What is TikTok For You Page, and what does it do?

When you start the TikTok application, the very first screen you see is the For You page. It’s a customized news feed of clips from people you may not watch but who TikTok believes you’ll enjoy based on your preference and previous interactions.

Since you like and react to numerous videos regarding Instagram advice, you can anticipate a daily dose of digital marketing TikTok on your For You page.

Consider it an Instagram Explore Tab. The application aims to lure you in for more material you enjoy to have you browsing longer.


1.    Post During Peak Hours

The first approach to gaining a greater audience on TikTok is determining the optimum time to upload.

It’s simple math: unless you upload when most of the target market is active, you’ll attract a larger audience.

And the higher your video’s early performance, the more likely it is to be pulled up on the For You page.

However, there is no ideal posting time; the optimum time for your company will vary from the perfect moment for other companies.

There is, therefore, a simple method for determining your best publishing time. First, establish a TikTok Premium Account. This may be done in your users’ preferences below “Manage Account.”

With a Premium Account, you’ll be able to see information on your followers, such as when they’re most active.

When you have this information, you may change your posting schedule accordingly.


2.    Use TikTok Hashtags That Work

You’ll note that almost all clips have hashtags throughout their captions as you go over the For You page. So perhaps among the most efficient strategies to boost your TikTok outreach would be to use tags.

TikTok keywords, like Instagram hashtags, assist in classifying your material and make it more discoverable.

However, there is no need to get crazy with hashtags. Instead, utilize keywords related to your material and are strategically placed.

Here are two simple methods for finding interesting TikTok hashtags:

  1. Take a look at the Explore tab. TikTok offers a compiled list of the most popular trending hashtags.
  2. Look for relevant hashtags and topics. For example, a search box may be placed on an Explore tab. When you look for terms related to your clips, you’ll get relevant hashtags and, more crucially, the total number of viewers that content that uses such hashtags has received.


3.    Keep up with the latest trends.

On TikTok, trends change and go swiftly and often make popular material due to its addictive nature.

On the For You tab, you’ll find movies of producers experimenting with the newest trends; some include music or visual effects. Mainly on the application’s Sounds tab, users could see what was popular and utilize it as a starting point for creating videos with their spin on a trend.

Following those trends is a straightforward approach to improve your possibilities of being featured on the FYP.


4.    Edit graphics

Graphic designing is a valuable tool for improving how you interact with others. Its purpose is to help you communicate your thoughts that are both effective and appealing. So why not use some graphics on your TikTok videos, which will automatically attract the viewers to your videos. In addition, the attractive graphics will make the TikTok algorithm put your video on the FYP. So why not use Sunan designs to get the best pictures for your videos and stand out?


5.    Be innovative in your area.

TikTok appears to be an app full of lip-syncing and popular dancing clips from outside. However, the app thrives on niche themes, and people like following unusual accounts.

So concentrate on producing engaging, innovative, relevant content for the brand.

Once you do that, your material will appear more genuine and straightforward to categorize (which assists the algorithm in planning which video to share).

The hygienist from Houston utilizes TikTok to share films on dental health, and they’re a big hit as of now.

In less than a year, she’s gained more than 630,000 fans by generating informational and entertaining material. At the same time, she has also established her professional identity as a dentist.

Experiment with the length of your videos.

According to several famous TikTok makers, shorter films are more inclined to be included on the For You page.

How? Shorter films have a more significant completion percentage, and many feel TikTok’s algorithm rewards viewers who watch videos down or several times.


TikTok allows you to make videos for approximately a minute, so play around with the duration of your films. Keep note of how it impacts your number of views, likes, and posts, as well as your number of followers.


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