Leveraging AI for Marketing Efforts

The role of AI is growing beyond the hype and into a practical necessity for most businesses in the modern world. This demand is driven primarily by efficiency, which can be made possible by using AI technology. Companies today are using AI to simplify areas like content creation, scheduling, audience interactions, and much more. 

The exciting part is that the technology is only going to get better.

That is why, in today’s guide, we’ll uncover how you can leverage the potential of AI to improve your marketing efforts and improve your business efficiency. 

Why Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Marketing 

The role of artificial intelligence in marketing is increasing at an aggressive rate. This growth is driven by the transformative nature of AI tools currently available in the market. Ranging from ChatGPT to Midjourney, popular AI tools have completely changed the way you can manage your business. 

Customers today expect companies to understand their needs and deliver personalized experiences. This means that companies need to rely on advanced analytics and real-time analysis to deliver better solutions to users. 

That is where AI steps in. 

The continuously improving nature of AI tools makes them the ideal choice for companies that are looking to cater to dynamic customer requirements. Adopting AI tools is a great place to start if you’re considering positioning your business for the future. 

How AI Can Help Transform Your Marketing – Use Cases 

AI is completely changing how companies handle different areas of their marketing by improving how companies interact with customers. AI technology is replacing traditional practices across product and service sectors. 

Improved Product Research and Development

AI is allowing for significant improvement in product development by expanding the way companies collect data and create new products. Companies like Renault are responding to consumer demand by creating tailored products like automated manual transmission.

The company collaborated with Siemens Digital to graphically create an AI model to illustrate the different elements of an automated manual transmission and then predict the behavior of drivers. The result was a significant increase in demand. 

Identifying Market Gaps

AI  is proving to be a massive resource for consumer data analysis. It can analyze data from different channels all the way down to minute details that are impossible to evaluate using conventional human techniques. Thanks to this ability, AI has a much better understanding of the market compared to humans. 

You can use this ability of AI to understand your target audience and identify areas where they could be serviced better. You can also get a broader perspective on how they think and what products they’re looking for. This will allow you to create products and services that will meet their expectations. 

Understanding consumer wants is the first step in determining the right product for the market. You can use AI to evaluate data from past launches and analyze customer feedback to make better decisions about creating products and launching them in the market. 

Improving After-Sales Processes

One of the most challenging aspects for businesses is dealing with customer complaints and feedback. It is also one of the areas where businesses tend to lose most of their customers and impact their retention rate. In this area, it is essential to ensure that customers feel like their concerns are validated and they get proper support. 

AI is helping organizations deal with this issue by providing comprehensive support. Companies can eliminate manual and subjective complaint capture platforms by using AI to automatically identify complaints and classify them properly on all of their channels. The complaint reasoning, stages, and responses can be classified and automatically handled by using advanced tools currently available in the market.  These insights will also enable you to monitor customer trends by demographics and help you improve your internal customer after-sales process. 

Changing Content Production With AI Tools 

Content marketing has been one of the first areas where AI is starting to make the biggest impact. Content marketers can rely on AI technology in different ways to kickstart their creativity and maximize their productivity. 

Here are some ways you can leverage AI for your content production:

Generating Ideas Using AI 

Thinking of creative ideas is the first step in creating good content. This is one of the key areas where content marketers struggle. You want to ensure you have a stream of creative ideas to keep things flowing. However, AI makes this process extremely simple. You can use AI tools like ChatGPt to generate new ideas for blog articles, social media posts, and other types of content. 

If you’re looking for a detailed guide about using ChatGPT for marketing, Check out How to Leverage ChatGPT for Your Marketing Efforts. 

Fast Tracking Research 

Whether you’re working on a detailed blog article or a technical write-up, research is the focal point of any long-form content piece. Even for creating videos, you need in-depth research data to support your talking points and create compelling media. AI tools are amazing at this. 

You can use tools like ChatGPT (GPT-4) to analyze information and deliver consolidated reports within seconds. With the right prompts, you can also convert the reports into different formats and ensure that properly cited research data always backs your content. 

Automating Repetitive Tasks 

Repetitive tasks suck away a ton of time and resources from companies. Simple things like data collection, copying and pasting, and manually executing tasks can add up significantly. AI tackles this issue by allowing companies to automate repetitive tasks. 

Tools like Zapier include complex automation options that allow you to create automated loops that trigger when certain criteria are set. For example, You can automate the process of generating daily reports or copying or pasting certain data into an online spreadsheet. The possibilities are endless, depending on your creativity and working requirements. 

You can also schedule content based on the optimal time on your social media page. The AI will monitor the dynamics of your audience and determine the best time to post your content. This can increase conversion and allow you to get much better results. 

Image Recognization 

While Image recognition technology has been slowly developing in the mainstream for years, the development of mainstream AI tools has kicked it into a much faster gear. The technology allows companies to detect patterns within images by using algorithms. 

Image recognition technology has massive potential for businesses in areas like surveillance, customer experience, and efficiency. 


Businesses delivering on-premises services can use this service for security to ensure that only relevant individuals have access to offices and designated areas. The technology can also help businesses understand customer activity and deliver better experiences. 

Customer Experiences 

Image recognition technology can be used to detect individual customers and deliver personalized experiences. For instance, companies operating in the retail space can detect customers and analyze their browsing history to provide personalized product recommendations. 

Using AI to Provide Tailored Content to Your Users 

In today’s social media age, it is important to personalize user experiences according to their demographics and needs. Once you’ve identified user trends, you want to ensure your content reaches the right audience. That is where AI comes in.

AI content tools allow you to personalize your content for different user segments. Whenever users visit your social pages or website, they will be targeted with content tailored to their state in your marketing journey. 

Before AI technology, you were limited in content personalization because you had to manually create different offers and promo codes depending on specific attributes. Today, you can deliver dynamic content to wide-scale customers thanks to AI technology. 

AI-based content recommendations factor in user behavior and their journeys before recommending the content that they’re most likely to engage with. 

In addition to content recommendations, you can also create AI-based ad campaigns with personalized details for users. The contents of the campaigns can be dynamically personalized. The process is simple and requires you to create dynamic fields on the website. AI then fills them with the right bids for the best target segment. 


The possibilities of using AI in marketing will continue to expand as the technology evolves. AI will perform key marketing functions way more efficiently in the coming years than humans. It will also allow businesses to focus on more critical aspects of marketing. 

The possibilities offered by artificial intelligence are impossible to ignore in the field of marketing. If your company is looking to maximize productivity in the digital arena, you need to use AI effectively in your marketing efforts. 

However, it can be challenging for startups to figure out the best way to create a framework to incorporate AI. That’s where Sunan comes in! 

We help companies with AI integration by identifying core areas where they can add AI tools and improve productivity. We also provide extensive support on how you can train your existing human resources on AI tools and strategies. 

Have you thought about using AI for your business?

Let us know in the comments below!

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