Pinterest Marketing 101

Pinterest is a social networking site with a unique way to personalize your board. It allows you to create a group of images, links, articles, or other content on any subject that interests you, which can be viewed by friends who follow your link.

In addition, it has been proven that Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It is currently the fourth most visited website in the U.S., after Google, YouTube, and Facebook, which shows how it has gained the trust of its users because it allows them to share content that interests them with their friends or community.

Fortunately, there are ways to promote your business through Pinterest without looking too obvious and ending up being marked as spam:

Pin Your Content

It’s a good idea to post your content on Pinterest rather than pinning other people’s pictures. You can do this by creating boards relevant to the services or products you offer so potential customers can easily find them when they search for keywords related to your business. Many websites like Sunan Designs value the needs of customers and generate contents that complement their business needs.

Linking to Your Website

It is imperative to link your website when using Pinterest, and you have a link to your website or blog. If someone is interested in what they have seen or read, the easiest way to find more about your business is by leading them to your website.

Use Hashtags

When posting images on Pinterest, make sure you use hashtags (#) related to your content; otherwise, it will be challenging for anyone to find it. Hashtags can be regarded as another medium to connect with the audience of the same ideology.

Ask your customers To Pin.

If you have a business page on Pinterest, ask your customers to pin images of their favourite products or services so more people can see them. This will also help promote the brand’s image and increase user engagement with the company’s social media presence.

Create a Board of Your Competitors’ Content

If your competitors have Pinterest accounts and post good content, it would be very beneficial to create a board with all their images, thus creating awareness that your business is also on Pinterest and has the same products or services. This way, you will get more followers who are interested in what you offer.

Collaborate With Other Pinterest Users

If there are other businesses in the same industry as yours, you could collaborate with them and ask them to pin any images related to their business on your boards. In such a way, you could be regarded to compliment the needs of your customer. If one of your customers is a fan of another company’s services or products, they will be more likely to check it out if they see it on your page.


Mention Your Business On Other Social Media Sites

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, mention you also have a business on Pinterest and invite people to follow you there. That way, they will get used to seeing you on social media sites, and when they search for your business name, your Pinterest page will be the first they see.


Pinterest Strategy for Business

It would be a good idea to come up with a business strategy before diving into Pinterest or any other social media site for that matter. You need to know who your target audience is and have an idea of their problems so you can create content relevant to their needs. That is the only way you can be sure that your content will interest people and want to share it with their friends or social media followers.


Pinterest Marketing has proven itself to be one of the most effective marketing strategies in this digital age, but you have to know how to use it for your business to benefit from it. We have some pros and cons of Pinterest marketing so you could make a productive decision for your business to shower with such a medium of marketing.



  1. Pinterest provides a unique way of engaging with an audience actively looking for content on your products/services. Also, it shows numerous obvious ideas so the companies could co-relate their ideas to empower the business strategy according to customer preferences accordingly.
  2. The engagement rate is higher than Facebook and Twitter, as you can get multiple ideas within the same genre, too, with a minimal price range.
  3. If you use sponsored ads, your products will need the least funding but can be shown with a watermark. Some ideas on Pinterest are free to avail, while others fall into the affordability.
  4. Pinterest can be used to create public pinboards that allow you to promote your brand. The more your post is pinned or saved by the audience, the greater its chance of getting maximum visibility. It also helps increase traffic to your website, especially if you pin content that leads directly to product pages on your site.


  1. Unless you use Pinterest ads, users will only see pins about your products if they are following you or repin one of your posts.
  2. While you can benefit from utilizing sponsored pins, they don’t market the ads on other social media sites if your product is not pinned.
  3. The principal purpose of using Pinterest was to acknowledge your business ideas within your approach, and such consideration frequently restricts you to direct marketing of your business on various sites.




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