Process Behind the Ramadan Stories

Ramadan is a month of thoughtfulness and spirituality. Billions of people worldwide get to experience the spirit of fasting and make an effort to improve their lives. For business owners, the month offers a great opportunity to share the positive attributes of Islam and highlight the positive aspects of Islam. 

Every year, Sunan Designs curates a cohesive process to value-driven content through Instagram stories. These stories are amongst our best performing posts and resonate with thousands of people every year. 

Today, we’ll take you behind the scenes to give you a personal insight into the process. 

Setting the Objective 

The purpose of the stories is to share positive attributes and teachings of Islam with the audience. All content is based on these objectives, and our team worked hard to come up with engaging ways to highlight the message. 

Finding the Right Audience 

Our primary audience was to spread the messages to both Muslim and non-muslim audiences. For Muslims, the idea was to spread those teachings and encourage them to improve their practice through reminders. For non-muslims, the goal was to showcase the positive attributes of Islam and to acquaint them with the spirit behind Ramadan. 

Content Design 

The content design of the stories was one of the most important factors. We managed to shed light on teachings related to kindness, anger management, and charitable contributions to society. The storyboarding concept showed a single family, and then different stories were used to communicate the message emotionally. Using a reference family unit allowed the audience to relate to the message. 

Art Form 

Because of the visual nature of Instagram, the content team wanted to highlight different attributes with every story. We collaborated with an illustrator to sketch out the different characters and themes and reflect them through the story. The underlying theme behind the design was to maintain a soft touch and to focus on visually expressing the interactions. 


While the message was shared on Sunan’s social media accounts on the biggest platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the focus was more on Instagram to utilize the carousel format. The connectivity between the messages was ideal for storytelling and allowed the team to shell out the different concepts. 


Thanks to the efforts of the visual and content teams, the Sunan accounts achieved a significantly higher level of engagement compared to usual months. The results from the efforts are a sign that effective content planning can spread the message to a large audience and bring positive engagement. 

The Ramadan Stories offered a unique insight into how brands can use storytelling and visual formats to improve their engagement and spread positive messages to their audience. You can also study the visual approach taken by the Sunan Team to improve your content planning around a particular time. 

To get a detailed insight into the stories, check out the SunanDesigns Instagram page.

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