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  • Aug 11, 2020


Hope everyone is doing well! So we get asked this question all the time, what gear does Sunan use!

So here is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G…

For camera, audio and storage: At our Sunan studio, we rely on the Canon C100 or C300 series with the 24-105mm lens. This is our go-to camera which allows us to keep rolling for hours at a time, especially when recording various courses or series.

Another great camera we also use in the studio is the Canon EOS R with a 35mm f/1.8 lens. This is great for video calls with our clients and can also serve as a great 2nd camera for video shoots. Personally, I use this multiple times a day when running demo sessions and daily meetings. To not have to constantly worry about changing batteries, I’m using this power adapter as well.

Our go-to mic system is this wireless lavalier microphone. You are guaranteed some crisp, and clear vocal pick-up. This may be on the pricer end, but it will be the only mic you ever need.

For a nice and sturdy tripod system, the cayer is the one we always rely on. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t forget to order a few SD cards with your camera because they typically do not come with them.

For our Sunan weekly podcasts, we rely on the Blue Yeticaster to help us all level up! The amount of positive feedback we’ve received over the sound clarity and quality was amazing! Knowing our audience can hear each and every word clearly is important to us. For the awesome video audiograms & animated podcast videos, we use Wavve. Now to store all this wonderful content that we produce, we rely primarily on the Seagate 8TB hard drive.

For lighting: Coming down to the most important element for video- the lighting! Lighting can make or break the quality of the video. Our more recent favorite has been the Aputure C300 with the Aputure light dome. But I know this combination can be expensive. So for starters, I would recommend the Mountdog studio softbox lighting kit. It’s a great entry-level lighting kit for folks who are just getting started and much lighter on the pockets.

For video conferences and meetings, we also utilize the Elgato key light for the added professional touch! Works great and connects beautifully with the Elgato Stream Deck for easy light control and adjustments.

For backdrop setup: Our setup is fairly simple. We use the LimoStudio frame with a few rolls of the Savage paper. Our favorites are the Thunder Gray and Regal Blue. Don’t forget to use heavy duty clamps to hold the canvas paper to the frame. To give a nice background gradient light, we use the 10” scoop light with a 5K kelvin temperature bulb. And lastly, for a nice laptop/note stand, we use the AmazonBasics Laptop and projector stand.

That’s it folks! We want YOU to LevelUp with us and now you can with some of the above recommended products!

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