TikTok Launches New Labels for AI-Generated Content

With the sharp increase in the rate of artificial intelligence (AI) content being observed on social media, TikTok is taking the first steps to provide better awareness to its users. The platform’s recent change requires creators to disclose when content is created using AI. 

In this article, we will explore how this new tool can be a great way for creators to improve their content. 

Using AI to Enhance Creativity

AI-generated content has already created a frenzy on social media platforms like TikTok. AI tools have been used to create entertaining clips and new songs featuring legacy artists like Drake and Taylor Swift. 

The innovation has allowed users to explore a new form of creativity. Users can bring together ideas from different mediums and put them together using AI tools. However, that has already increased the potential for misinformation and copyright violation from users pretending to be someone else. 

TikToks new tool is an effective way to curb these violations and effectively label AI-generated content on the platform. This way, users will be able to create new forms of media without infringing on rights. 

Importance of Informing Community About AI-Generated Content 

Due to the widespread potential of misuse, informing the community about the risks of AI-generated content is extremely important. Using proper labels can be a great way to ensure that users are aware when AI-based technology is used in TikToks.

Preventing Misinformation and Confusion

Arguably, the biggest risk of AI-based content is the potential for confusion and misinformation. People can pretend to be someone else and create misleading content. That is why it is important for platforms to take action and create proper frameworks around AI-generated content.

TikTok has taken the lead with its AI-labelling tool that will allow users to differentiate between AI and real content. Over the coming days, the platform will roll out further tutorials and resources to teach creators about this tool. 

Preventing Unrealistic Expectations 

The usage of AI technology can result in unrealistic beauty expectations amongst users. Especially for young users, the technology can potentially cause misleading expectations. 

Implementing the AI label ensures that users are aware of the differences between AI and real content. 

Partnership With Experts

TikTok has consulted with industry-leading experts during the development of the tool to ensure that the labels are designed in the most effective way for users. Experts included MIT’s Dr. David G. Rang to optimize how viewers perceive different types of AI labels. 

The purpose was to develop effective labeling policies to prevent misinformation about AI-generated content on the platform. 


With the exponential increase in AI-generated content, TikTok AI labels come as a welcome move to moderate content on social media platforms. The change is expected to improve the website’s overall user experience and prevent instances of misinformation and copyright infringement. 

In the coming months, other social media platforms should also follow the example laid out by TikTok to address AI-generated content effectively. 

Effectively using AI content can be a great way to resonate with new audiences. However, it is important to take the right approach when it comes to posting AI content on social media. 

Sunan helps you manage your AI-based content strategies to help you dominate social media. Our creative team audits your social media channels to ensure that you’re properly positioned for growth. 

What are your thoughts on AI labels on TikTok? 

Drop us a message or let us know in the comments below.

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