Top 5 Marketing Trends We Predict for 2021

2020 is finally over. Whew!

Even though the future can be tough to predict, here’s to hoping that 2021 will be a much happier and safer year for everyone.

That being said, there are still some things that we can safely predict.

Today we will be looking at 5 of the hottest trends for digital marketing that we predict will blow up this year.

So if you’re looking to out-perform the competition and boost your business online, make sure you stick to these trends when creating your own digital marketing strategy.

Let’s dive in!

1. Featured snippets

While for many years the number one goal in SEO has been to show up at number 1 on Google’s search results, 2021 takes it to the next level with brands trying to reach number 0 – Google’s featured snippet.

The featured snippet is the search result that appears in a box on top of all other results, and displays a lot more information including pictures and answers to various questions.

While the snippet does come at a cost – it displays so much information that you usually don’t even need to click on the link to find out more – the recognition you get as an authority is unmatched.

2. Sustainability

2021 comes with a major concern for the environment, and more people than ever are passionate about sustainability. Customers want to make sure that the brands they are buying from are as concerned about the planet as they are.

With an amazing 81% of people feeling that companies should help improve environmental conditions, we are seeing that sustainable and eco-friendly brands are increasingly popular and not just with younger demographics.

With the right digital marketing and design, any brand can visually communicate your concern for the environment.

3. Interactive content

Even though it’s been around for a while, interactive content like quizzes, surveys and even polls is getting popular day by day.

2020 has seen a lot of social media-savvy young people sitting around and interactive content has been a great relief from the tedium.

In fact a lot of brands have been seen partnering with influencers to host give-aways and contests, and the trend will only continue to gain popularity.

4. Voice search

Again, with so many people staying indoors, the number of voice searches performed every day has surged. We are inevitably becoming a society that depends a lot on virtual assistants like Google Home or Alexa.

In fact, some experts predict that in 2021, almost half of all searches done online will be done by voice.

What does this mean for your SEO strategy?

Since people use a different language when speaking and typing, you should ideally begin to optimize for spoken versions of searches. For example, “best burgers in Tokyo” will become “where can I get a burger?”

5. Chatbots

This one doesn’t need any details. People are more impatient than ever before, and when done right a chatbot can save you a ton of time and a bad headache when dealing with a grumpy or annoying customer.

And that’s all folks. Remember to stick to these 5 trends to give your digital marketing the boost it needs.

Need help?

At Sunan Designs it is our mission to help brands like yours make it big in the digital marketplace.

Our team of experts has marketing, design, and SEO gurus, waiting to make your 2021 marketing strategy come to life. Give us a call, today!

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