Top AI Video Creation Tools That Can Help Nonprofits

Video content has become the most popular way to capture audiences’ attention on social media and beyond. In fact, according to a recent research, more than 90% of companies are now using video content online. 

In the non-profit sector, the medium is equally important to connect with audiences and tell your story. The open-ended nature of videos allows you to present your cause in different ways and create an emotional connection with your audience. 

However, video creation can generally be expensive and highly time-consuming. That is where AI tools come in. We’ve compiled a list of some productive tools that you can use in your video content creation to create impactful video content. 

The Best AI Video Creation Tools 

Even though AI technology is still in its early stages, there are already thousands of tools available in the market. We’ve tried and tested a significant number of them to give you this list of the most effective ones currently available on the market. 

Adobe Firefly

Adobe recently launched this application that helps create and edit graphics, PDFs, photos, and videos. Included in the Creative Cloud, the application comes with several easily customizable templates that users can use to edit and create their videos. 

The capability of the creative suite has recently been enhanced with the addition of Adobe Firefly. This generative AI tool allows users to create videos and other output using everyday language. The tool is highly effective as part of the suite and provides non-profits with the resources they need to manage all their social content creation under a single platform. 


Runway’s Gen-2 video generation tool makes it easy and affordable to generate and edit videos. It includes effects, audio editing, motion graphics, and a lot more. The tool’s interface is extremely simple and focuses on giving you only what you need. 

Most of all, it’s free, so your non-profit does not have to spend a ton on the subscription. On the other hand, Runway does require the right prompts to be able to generate the perfect video, so make sure that you practice with the input to get the right results.  

Synthesia Studio

If you’re looking to add some human element to your videos, then Synthesia is the perfect tool for you. It helps you turn your text into videos with high-quality AI avatars and natural-sounding voices in up to 120+ languages. The interface is simple, and you can create some amazing narration videos once you get familiar with how Synthesia works. 


Pictory is an innovative and multi-dimensional tool that allows you to create and edit short videos for social media. It comes with several handy features, like the built-in video converter and AI-generated avatars. You can also add captions and subtitles for better understanding. The only downside is a limited stock of videos, but you can overcome that by adding your own media. 


Peech helps you save time and achieve maximum productivity by generating videos that your audience will love. It allows you to create snippets, edit your videos, highlight important messages in your video, and set automated aspect ratios. While Peech is slightly on the expensive end for non-profits, its quality improvements certainly make it worthwhile compared to other tools available in the market. 

Regardless of which tool you use to create videos, AI can be a great help in improving your content production. You can experiment with new effects and significantly improve your turnaround time. 

However, video is only one end of the equation. You need to have a comprehensive content strategy to ensure that your non-profit is reaching out to the maximum number of people on social media. 

That is where Sunan comes in! We help you transform your content creation with across-the-board support and proven experience. Simply drop us a message, and we’d love to help you grow to the next level. 

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