Why Infographics?

  • Jul 8, 2019

Today, infographics have pretty much taken over the internet and it seems like they’re here to stay. If you didn’t already know, infographics are the visual representations of information and data, designed to engage and inform audiences quickly and efficiently. Over the past decade, they’ve become insanely popular with an increase in usage of over 9900% on the internet since 2007! The big question here is, why? Why are infographics so highly sought after? What makes them so popular? Well, that’s exactly the question we’re going to answer in this article so keep reading on!

The Human Brain Loves Visuals

The number one reason why infographics are so important and successful is that they are super engaging. This is because human brains are wired “visually’. With up to 70% of all our sensory receptors being located in the eyes and 50% of the brain involved with visual processing, it is no surprise that we can make complete sense of a visual scene in less than one tenth of a second!

Because infographics are so visually engaging, our brains tend to naturally prefer them over any other way of receiving information! So much so that 87% of website visitors prefer to read them and website traffic increases an average 12% after adding just one infographic!

Infographics Are Highly Efficient and Compelling

In today’s data saturated age, infographics are easily the most efficient method for conveying information. The world is suffering from information overload – an average person consumes over 34GB of information every day, 5 times more than we did 20 years ago! Infographics sum up large amounts of information in a very easy to digest manner. Research shows that we understand labels with text and images 25% more than labels with just text.

Infographics also tend to be much easier to recall and persuasive. Studies have shown that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. Adding visuals can actually make people believe and trust that the information they’re receiving is true – as much as 17%!

Increased Virality and Brand Awareness

A good infographic is highly attractive and thus, highly shareable. This is a great advantage for businesses because infographics can be a great tool for increased coverage, visibility and brand awareness. Eye catching design, well placed brand logos and easy portability all increase the coverage that an infographic can offer your business. In fact, businesses have experienced enhanced sales of up to 87% just due to the increase in brand awareness caused by a viral infographic! Another great benefit infographics offer is valuable backlinks that enhance your SEO, all from the people who loved your design and shared it on their blogs and social media.

Establish Your Reputation and Authority

At the end of the day, infographics are a means of communicating data and who else can create an immensely powerful and well-researched infographic other than the experts themselves? By creating such accurate and helpful visuals, you can easily establish your authority as a market-leader and showcase your expertise in your respective field.


With over 15 million search results projected to be generated for the keyword “infographic” and infographic production increasing by 1% every day, there can be no doubt as to how powerful, engaging and compelling they are as tools of communication. So, what are you waiting for? Design and add a highly attractive infographic to your website today to boost sales, market authority and your SEO. Don’t know where to start or need help designing striking visuals? Sunan Designs is here to help! Contact us today and let our experts designing a stunning infographic for your business today!

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