Why Invest in a Professional Logo Design?

What do you think is the most identifiable part of a business? What single item conveys all the emotions and messages connected to your brand? It’s the logo, of course!

Think about all of the major brands that you know. Whether it’s fast food, or cars, most consumers can recognize brands simply by their logos – even if they’re in gray scale!

Logos are the most important part of branding and it’s crucial to get them right. At this point, you’re probably wondering why can’t I simply use one of the countless free apps available and design a great logo for my business all by myself? For free!

The truth is there are certain key advantages that professional logo design offers you and none of these can be achieved by an amateur. Let’s see how.

1. Logos are all about first impressions

In the world of business, the first thing a customer sees is your brand’s logo. More often than not, customers decide whether or not to trust and buy from your brand based on your logo alone.

Professional graphic designers know this, and they know through experience and training exactly what elements to tweak in order to make a logo look appealing and attractive to a customer.

A lot of things matter here, including fonts, sizes, and colors that each make their individual contribution in making a logo memorable and attractive.

2. A logo speaks a thousand words

The best logos are those designed to convey your brand values and to capture the emotions you want in your customers. This is probably the toughest aspect of logo design – visually capturing your brand’s story and identity in a single image.

This is what professional designers do best. They’re expert artists who know exactly how to turn brands into household names in such a way that even people who haven’t ever been customers of the brand, recognize what it stands for from the logo alone.

Think about this. How many people in the world recognize the Mercedes logo for what it is, a symbol for exclusive, luxurious vehicles, even though they haven’t ever bought one. This is why designers get paid the big bucks, and no free software can ever emulate the strategy and thought that a designer puts into a single logo.

3. It’s all about brand identity

All of the reasons listed above highlight why a logo is the most integral part of a brand. Designers know this and this is why they design logos that you can build your brand around, not the other way round.

This is a major difference between an amateur and a professional. While an amateur may design a good logo that reflects all of your brand’s identity, it won’t have room for growth or change.

Professional designers, on the other hand know how brands evolve and how their identity grows. This is why a good professional designer will always design a logo that you can build on, without having to change it all the time.

4. Versatility

As a brand, you will need to use your logo across a wide variety of platforms and media. These can include your website, blogs, social media, ads, printed material, stationary, and whatnot.

The important thing to remember is that all of these platforms will have different requirements in terms of file type, size, color and even the aspect ratio and layout of your logo.

Professional designers already know this and provide you with as many tailored variations as you’d like while remaining true to the original logo and it’s elements. It doesn’t take them much time as they’re familiar with the requirements of each of these platforms.

Conversely, if you decide on a DIY approach, you will waste a lot of time going back and forth trying to get it perfect. You may also not end up with the variation you need, making the entire experience a waste of time and effort.

Professional logo design is critical for any brand that’s looking to make it big. The advantages heavily outnumber the initial, one-time cost and you end up with a logo that will be your brand’s identity for a long time. At Sunan Designs, designing a logo is something our experts love doing since it’s challenging and rewarding at the same time. If you’d like to get your brand’s logo designed by a professional who loves what they do, reach out to us today!

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