Why Packaging Design is so Important?

If you are a products based brand, your packaging design is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. If used correctly, it can not only help your product stand out amongst hundreds of competitors in a superstore or retail outlet, but also towards marketing your brand.

Your packaging is not just a means of keeping your product easy to store and transport, it is an extension of your brand identity. Great packaging design boosts sales and grabs customer attention, all the while telling your brand’s story. How does it do this? Let’s find out!


Packaging is one of the most efficient tools of customer engagement that brands have at their disposal. Not only are more than 70% of purchasing decisions still made in-store, most customers take only an average of 4-7 seconds before choosing a product.

On top of this, above 60% of customers claim to make their choice based on packaging. Now if this isn’t proof that an awesome package design will get customers hooked to your product, nothing is!

Drives sales

According to market research, packaging drives more sales than social media, TV and radio advertisements. After all, seeing is believing.

Not only that, this trend extends to the world of digital marketing and online shopping as well. More than 50% of online shoppers claim that they would buy again from businesses if the product came in premium packaging.

Influencer friendly

Today, the consumer market is dominated by social media reviews. You can find social media celebrities reviewing almost any and all kinds of products.

With more and more of these influencers choosing to create such content, product unboxing videos are all the rage right now.

In fact, up to 80% of millennials will share an image of product packaging through social media.

If you want to reach out to the hottest social media markets and increase brand exposure among millennials, then you can’t risk mediocre packaging design.

Adds value

Premium packaging design allows you to add value to your product and give your customers a little extra.

Take a cosmetics brand for example. Traditionally, cosmetic products such as face wash, masks, and toners come in plastic tubes or containers that are packed in cardboard or plastic boxes.

All this brand has to do to add value to their product is to take the existing plastic tubes and instead of the usual cardboard box, package them in an easy to carry travel case.

Not only do customers get the free travel case, but the company’s brand image and sales take a huge boost!

Protects your product

Lastly, product packaging has a very important role to perform and that is keeping your product safe. If you do not pay it the attention it deserves, damaged product costs are not the only thing you will have to suffer.

Approximately 50% of customers take to social media to complain if they receive damaged products or even products with damaged packaging. The backlash from this can be terrible for your brand image.

Looking for awesome packaging design?

Reach out to Sunan Designs today. Our experts are more than happy to help you out – as will you be with the most awesome packaging for your products!


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