Why Sunan Designs?

In today’s digital world, it is important for businesses to make strong first impressions to stand out from the competition. This is where strong visual design and branding come in. Having a well-structured identity can make a massive impact on your first impression and help you create a memorable brand. 

However, it can be challenging for small and medium-scale businesses to figure out the best way to go about creating a brand. 

That is where Sunan Designs comes in!

Founded in 2018, our vision was to become a creative force that helped entrepreneurs realize their dreams. And since then, we’ve been helping business magnify their social impact with high-impact design and marketing. 

Today, we’ll break down the key factors behind our success and what makes Sunan the ideal partner for companies looking to grow to the next level. 

Fundamental Philosophy 

At Sunan Designs, our journey began with a simple yet powerful passion for creativity. We believe that design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting stories and evoking emotions through visuals. Our founders, John and Sarah Sunan, established the company with the goal of translating this passion into exceptional design and marketing solutions.


We started Sunan with a strong passion for using creativity to create a social impact. We believe that design should be a force that helps businesses convey their stories and share emotions through visuals. This philosophy has allowed us to work with some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs and share their stories on social media and beyond. 


Despite our monumental growth in recent years, we continue to embrace our client-first approach and focus on telling stories through our design and marketing efforts. 

Our Approach

At our core is a commitment to client-first output. We understand that our clients have specific needs, and we take the time to understand their requirements and adapt our strategies to ensure that we’re helping our clients get to their goals. This approach ensures that we can deliver exceptional results for clients across a wide range of industries.

Strong Belief in Innovation 

Innovation is a central part of the Sunan DNA. We constantly strive to improve our design heuristics and ensure that we stay ahead of industry trends. This helps our clients embody their style with the latest designs and get cutting-edge output that exceeds their expectations. 

Cohesive Service Structure 

A key part of our service structure is to curate personalized solutions for businesses. We’re the one-stop partner to help you create every element of your business, from social media content creation to design and branding. Our integrated approach and service structure ensure that our clients are getting end-to-end support across all aspects of their business. 

How We Make a Difference

Our biggest goal is to make a difference with our creative and design input across all areas of your business. From design to storytelling, our output stands for itself and allows you to stand out from the rest. 

Here’s how:

    • Visual Storytelling Across Narratives – Our designs and visual artists are masters are storytelling and communicating narratives on visual mediums. We understand that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and every element of our design reflects a part of your story. We constantly work on different design techniques to help you figure out the best ways to convey your value proposition to your clients. 
    • Customized Strategy and Output – When it comes to design and branding, One size definitely doesn’t fit all. We understand your requirements to curate strategies that create a unique digital presence for your company. Our bespoke designs are tailored to your objectives and ensure that your brand makes a strong impression even in a highly crowded marketplace. 
  • Impact-Driven Marketing  – Unlike other design agencies that focus solely on their deliverables, our goal is to create the strongest impact when we’re working on your content. Nothing inspires us more than being able to work on high-impact areas and make a different along with our clients. 
  • Following Marketing Trends  – Social media algorithms and audience interests are constantly changing. You need to adapt to these changes to create content that resonates with audiences and makes an impact. At Sunan, we keep up with the latest trends and updates to make sure that your marketing efforts always hit the mark. 
  • Smooth Onboarding Process – We understand the challenges that come when a new marketing process starts. That is why our onboarding process makes it effortless for clients to turn their ideas into reality. Our process starts with open communication to get your input, and then we create a detailed project plan that outlines every step of the process. You also get dedicated support to make sure your project stays on track. 
  • Seamless Team Collaboration – Collaboration is at the heart of our working process. At Sunan Designs, we make sure that our teams work cross-functionally. Our designers, developers, strategists, and marketers work cohesively to ensure that all elements of your project work effectively. We also create an environment where different creative minds come together and discuss new ideas to produce exceptional results 

Evaluating Our Impact – Success Stories 

Thanks to our proven history of creativity and professionalism, we’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our client list exceeds 100 clients across different sectors. Even though our clients range from small companies to large enterprises, we’re proud of the unique touch we create. 

Here are some of the most notable brands we’ve worked with.

  • Wahed
  • Al Madina Institute
  • Silmi Law, Cair NY
  • Halal Food Fest
  • BHA Houston

Bridging the Gap – Our Unique Solutions 

Instead of sticking to age-old solutions, we offer a unique blend of creative and strategic input to help you get the best results from your marketing efforts. 

Creative Alchemy

A lot of people have interesting ideas but get stuck in the execution because it can be difficult to translate those ideas into practical marketing strategies. At Sunan, we resolve this challenge through our creative alchemy solutions. These tailored efforts focus on capturing the essence of your ideas and converting them into high-impact marketing campaigns. 

The process starts with your raw input, and we shell it out with mutual discussions and brainstorming sessions to craft captivating campaigns that leave long-lasting impressions on the audience. Like skilled artisans, our process is like a symphony of innovation, inspiration, and deep attention to detail. 

The result is a visually stunning message and deeply impactful on an emotional level. Creative Alchemy is the secret behind the success of some of your favorite brands on social media. It also helps us transform ordinary ideas into extraordinary brand experiences.  

Targeted Brilliance

With the growth of social media and the increasing competition in digital markets, reaching out to the right audience is essential. As the saying goes, selling ice to Eskimos is never the best idea. Even the most bright marketing efforts will fall short if they’re not directed to the right audience. 

Targeted brilliance allows us to harness the power of advanced analytics and precision data to reach your ideal audience. We pair up that data with strategic planning to ensure that your message is delivered to the audience that is most likely to engage with that content. Our data science team breaks down your target audience by behaviors, demographics, preferences, and previous activity to create high-precision campaigns. 

The process isn’t just about marketing. It’s about creating exceptional experiences that make a lasting impression on the right audience. This leads to a direct impact on your brand conversion and customer retention and has a significant impact on your business growth. With Sunan, you can be sure that your message is optimized to reach the perfect audience. 

Seamless Integration

With the connectivity between social channels, maximizing the value of your content across different areas is extremely important. You don’t want to miss out on the audience on a platform just because you’re not effectively repurposing your content. 

Our Seamless Integration solution allows you to create a marketing strategy that provides a unified brand experience across different channels. This allows customers to connect with you across a multitude of touchpoints. The solution also allows you to bridge the gap between different segments and ensures that your identity remains recognizable across different platforms. 

Imagine having a framework where your long-form videos are automatically broken down into short-form video clips, blog articles, social media posts, and aesthetic designs. With Sunan, you can turn into reality and keep a vibrant social presence across all your channels. 

Data-Driven Ingenuity

Data-driven decision-making is a game-changer for businesses that are looking to create content that resonates with their target audience. If you’re looking to maximize the impact of your content, you need to make decisions based on the data. 

Sunan simplifies that entire process with our Data Driven Ingenuity support. This solution is designed to provide you with smart insights that help you unlock better results. The process starts with a comprehensive data analysis to uncover valuable insights about your audience’s behavior and preferences. 

These data points are then used to strategize the best approaches for marketing. We also help you maintain and track data that can be used to optimize your marketing over time and improve campaign performance. We also regularly share the data with you to maintain transparency and take your input. 

Support in Key Verticles – Our Main Services 

As an end-to-end agency, we provide support services to back up all elements of your business. Here are some key services we offer. 

Media Design – Our media design services cover the complete range of graphics and video design services. The key focus during the design process is to create visuals that tell your story in a way that instantly steals attention from your viewers. Our diverse design team includes videographers, VFX artists, graphic designers, and expert illustrators who work together to create visual magic for your brand. 

Animation – Animated explainer videos are the most converting form of content today. We help you leverage animated content to build a relationship with your audience and convey your concepts in different creative ways. We customize animations for your social media, flyovers, and websites to communicate complex concepts visually. 

Marketing Strategy – A well-designed marketing strategy is the backbone of any successful company. We help you curate a tailored marketing approach that factors into your strategic objectives. Our strategy includes short-term and long-term objectives components and ensures that all of your marketing verticals are effectively tied together. 

Social Media Strategy – In an era where social media has become an essential part of our lives, Sunan helps you harness the power of leading social media platforms. We help you create a social media presence that helps you amplify your business objectives. Whether you’re thinking about starting a social media presence from scratch or looking for support for crisis management, we cover every aspect of your social media strategy and help you navigate the challenges. 

Performance Marketing – Sunan excels in empowering brands through strategic performance marketing. The key focus is on driving tangible results and maximizing return on investment (ROI). Our strategic approach covers elements like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, ad optimization, email marketing, and search engine optimization. We also constantly improve the process to optimize results through testing and improvement. 

Content Marketing – Content marketing is a powerful tool to drive traffic and increase conversions for your brand. Sunan helps you establish authority on social media by helping you create high-quality content across different formats. We ensure that your deliverables, like blogs, infographics, videos, and articles, are aligned with best practices to ensure maximum visibility. 

Thinking about creating designs and marketing output that make a difference and set you apart from the competition? 

We’re the ideal partner to help you transform your approach to the market. 

You can think of Sunan as a complete end-to-end supporting partner to help you across all aspects of your business. Simply reach out to us, and we’d love to talk about how we can help you outshine the competition. 

We’re looking forward to helping you create a massive impact!

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