Dentistry Grows New Patients by 31%

KRB Dentistry

KRB Dentistry provides exceptional preventive and restorative dental treatment to adults and children in the greater Houston area, including patients with special needs. KRB Dentistry prides itself in providing a positive experience and a state of the art comprehensive care program to its patients who it has been serving for over 22 years.


How to grow patient visits by leveraging digital advertisements in a hyper-competitive dental arena?

Over the past several years, KRB Dentistry has been providing exceptional dental care to its patients. With an award-winning and state of the art comprehensive pain management care system, KRB Dentistry wanted to grow and provide more patients with this exceptional care. And that is where we came in! Sunan Designs was tasked with building a stronger brand for KRB and creating a full-fledged digital marketing campaign that would allow it to serve more patients than ever before!

Sunan’s Strategic Digital Marketing 2.0 Approach

With our team of certified digital marketers, we designed and executed a comprehensive digital ads strategy that fueled drastic growth in inpatient visits and overall a greater digital footprint. Using Sunan’s Strategic Digital Marketing approach, we were able to drastically increase new patient visits to their practice.

In addition, with the new digital marketing approach, we were able to significantly increase their website traffic from their target audience and drastically reduce the cost per conversion.

With our team of Adobe award-winning designers, we designed and executed a comprehensive social media content strategy that now accurately reflected the vision of KRB Dentistry and continued to deliver value to their audience.


Drastic increase in patient visits and decrease in Cost Per Conversion

In a matter of a few weeks, KRB Dentistry started seeing a drastic increase in overall patient visits, but more importantly, new patients that were interacting with their practice for the first time!