How to Master YouTube TrueView Ads

As a brand, YouTube’s TrueView ads may seem a bit risky because they can be skipped after the first few seconds, but they come with a LOT of benefits.

Even though it is a challenge to capture viewer attention in just 5 seconds, it’s not impossible and is definitely more helpful.

You see, viewers who don’t skip your ad are 10 times more likely to share and engage with your content, and subscribe to your channel!

So how do you go about creating epic YouTube TrueView ads that are unskippable?

Here are 5 tips from the advertising gurus in the Sunan Designs team!

1. Involve your viewers

The main reason ads are so easy to skip is because they are well, ads. A great way to reduce that typical advertisement feel is to involve and engage viewers.

When writing the script, acknowledge that there are real people watching the ad. Make sure you address them directly, and make them feel the need to interact with the video.

You can ask them questions, or address the problem your brand solves by making them feel understood.

2. Acknowledge that there’s a skip button

People skip your ad because they’re in a hurry to get to the actual cat video they want to watch. They’re not really interested in what you have to say.

Unless…you make them.

Ads that directly ask viewers not to skip the video have a 50% better chance of not getting skipped!

You can go ahead and simply say ‘Don’t skip just yet!’ or you can employ different tactics – just remember to acknowledge the skip button right there.

3. Tell a story

Getting people hooked is a trick that you really need to master when advertising your brand.

You see, a great ad is one that tells a story, and the biggest skill a storyteller must have is to keep his listeners engaged.

A great way to do this is to either make the ad too interesting or suspenseful to skip!

4. Use humor

Ads that make people laugh have a 90% chance of not getting skipped.

Now, even though good humor can at times be really difficult to achieve, and not all ads are intended to be funny, it’s still an effective tool that you should use.

Make people laugh in the first 4 seconds, and they will definitely stick around for more!

5. Get emotional

If there’s one thing even more effective than humor, it’s making people reach out for the tissue box.

Ads that really tug at heartstrings and get viewers all teary-eyed are really powerful.

Not only do they make people forget all about the skip button, they’re also extremely effective at getting them to perform the actions you want – whether it’s signing up or buying something!

That’s all for now

These 5 tips are all you need to keep in mind in order to master YouTube TrueView ads.

Still need help? Not to worry! As the number on marketing and design firm at your disposal, Sunan Designs has your back. Reach out to us today and let us handle all your advertising campaigns!


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