Pressure is a Privilege


Hope everyone is doing well. Welcome to the next round of the Sunan Weekly Roundup!

What we are working on:

This week we released another great blog post titled “5 Films Every Graphic Design Should Watch.”

Personally, one of my favorites is Netflix’s Abstract! It is an 8-part original series that is dedicated to art and design. Abstract is definitely not something you want to miss.

The series is very visually appealing and entertaining while being very informative as well. Abstract has won critical acclaim for taking viewers on an incredible journey into the minds of artists and creators from different disciplines.

This series will serve as a great inspiration for solving problems in the most creative manner possible.
This month we also have really exciting news that we will share with you, the Sunan community! But more on that very soon!

My biggest takeaway this week: Pressure Is A Privilege

One of my biggest takeaways this week came from one of the most famous tennis players of our time, Billie Jean King where she so eloquently says, pressure is a privilege.

This really got me thinking. So often, we look at pressure as this immense negative force that is just taking us away from our life’s true work and mission! This negative force that is just making our lives so much more difficult than it needs to be. This force that’s causing so much unnecessary stress and anxiety in our lives. Right?!

The pressure of scaling one’s business in a unique time of uncertainty that we have never witnessed before. The pressure of building something truly remarkable and world renown. The pressure of producing world-class results for your clients.

It can so easily become a lot!

Rather, what we need to realize is that the immense pressure that we go through is in fact what is going to allow us to level up.

The pressure is what separates champions from contenders. Pressure is what separates the greatest from the great. Most people and businesses crumble under pressure. But without pressure, there would be no diamonds, there would be no greats.

Keep pressing forward by taking consistent actions. Actions that will move the needle in your life and business. Remember, with persistence, perseverance, and preparation, we can beat the pressure.

Always remember. No pressure, no diamonds. No struggle, no strength. No challenges, no greatness. If you want to be a diamond, you have to survive the pressure like a diamond! If you want to be rare, you have to do something rare – refuse to quit! Change your mindset, and you can accomplish anything.

Time to level up!

– Sajjad Husain, Founder & CEO

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