Your Success Depends on Leveling Up Your Team

  • Aug 24, 2020


Hope everyone is doing well. Welcome to the next round of the Sunan Weekly Roundup!

What we are working on:

This week, we released a few awesome blogs titled, 5 Ways to Improve Client Communication, 10 Traffic Secrets for Your Website, and Sunan Studio Gear!

As a marketer, you have probably heard of (and even tried) quite a few strategies to boost your web traffic.

You have been posting blogs, publishing content and updating your social media by following the steps of circular viralocity. And yet, you’re still at a loss to explain why the numbers aren’t going up. You’re not alone – increasing traffic is the biggest marketing challenge for anyone.

Here is where this blog post comes in. In order to level up your traffic game, follow our 10 simple secrets for skyrocketing your traffic – as your top marketing and design agency, we assure you these work!

Also, we get asked this question all the time, what gear does Sunan use?

So be sure to check out our sunan studio article to learn about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G we are using…

Here we talked about everything from cameras, microphones, lighting setups and so much more! Be sure to check this out.

My biggest takeaway this week: Your Success Depends on Leveling Up Your Team

As marketers and entrepreneurs, we have to learn to rewire ourselves by trusting our team and leveling up our squad. So often we make the mistake, including myself, to overly rely on our own instincts and intuitions when making decisions. In the short term, this strategy can work out good but it’s definitely not a scalable approach and will only lead to burnout.

There is a famous African proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

When it comes to scaling your business and providing the maximum value possible to your clients, you need to surround yourself with a talented team that not only shares your mission, but is also willing to paddle the uncharted waters of our times to collectively reach distances that you could only dream of.

Now it’s your turn: Give yourself permission to go the distance and become world renown at what you do. Always remember, sure, initially you may be able to go fast solo, but you can only overcome the distance of scaling your business and providing value by going together.

Time to level up!

– Sajjad Husain, Founder & CEO

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