Emojis In Your Facebook Ads

  • Apr 23, 2020

It’s 2020, and if you’re not already using emojis in your Facebook ads, it’s time to start now!

Emojis are everywhere and they’re here to stay. It seems difficult to imagine a world without these little yellow faces that make expressing your emotions so much simpler than putting words down, or even saying something.

Because they are so popular, it makes complete sense to use them in your Facebook ads. They’re super quick at conveying emotions and messages, and they attract audiences like crazy.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons you should use emojis in all your ads!

1. They’re massively popular

It’s true. Emojis are here to stay for a long, long time. They’re the preferred method of communication for a whopping 36% of millenials and represent a big part of online culture.

If you’re not using them, you run the risk of disconnecting with a large chunk of Facebook users, or worse – appearing boring.

Emojis are great at capturing attention – it’s proven by research! A good reason for this is the fact that emojis add a splash of color to the usually grey text, and help catch the eye.

A startup used a Facebook A/B ad test to prove this. The ad with the one single emoji in the title got 241% more likes and clicks than the one without the emoji!

2. They’re algorithm friendly

Facebook’s algorithm is super sneaky, but here’s how emojis can help you beat it. After the 2019 update, the algorithm inspects the emojis people use in their statuses and conversations, and tailors the ads you can see to suit your current mood.

For example, if someone puts up a status about football with lots of happy and smiling emojis, then they’re going to get a lot of ads that reflect football and happiness. The best way to reflect emotions on Facebook? Emojis of course.

So if you want your ads to reach your audiences when they’re in a certain mood, then you should definitely throw a few emojis into the mix. The algorithm will judge the general “mood” of your ad and show it to user’s that match.

3. Emojis can work wonders for indirect responses

Indirect responses are when you have call-to-actions that do not have to do with immediate sales. These include “Learn More”, “Sign-up Today”, and “Get Quote” buttons and are mostly adopted by the service-bases brands.

Since services are somewhat less easier to market and promote using pictures, emojis can work wonders for this sector.

It’s important here to remember something we always say: no one goes on social media to be sold stuff. This is where the service sector can take a hint and tone down their ads.

Emojis help inject color and humor, making your ads seem less boring and ad-like, and more social media friendly.

At the end of the day…

In this social media obsessed age, emojis are more popular and powerful than even the written word. If you haven’t experimented with using emojis in your Facebook ads yet, we strongly suggest that you do!

If you need any help, Sunan Designs has always got your back! Reach out today and let the experts design the most attractive Facebook ad campaign for your business, ever.

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