Facebook Ad Hacks That Convert!

  • Nov 7, 2019

Before we begin, let’s get one thing very clear. This isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill Facebook ad hacks article. We’re not going to be talking about basics like “use a high quality picture” and “make sure you know your audience”.

What we are going to be talking about are hacks we’ve discovered as digital marketing experts. These work exceptionally well and we thought it’s about time we shared them with you. Why? Because we’re nice like that!

These hacks work so well because they align perfectly with Facebook’s primary purpose. It’s where people connect with friends and family, and watch funny cat videos (yeah those aren’t going anywhere) – nobody logs in on Facebook to buy stuff. Let’s dive in!

The Dummy Fan Page

This is a modern take on the classic bait and switch that works exceptionally well. You see, Facebook users are getting smarter, and costs per lead for businesses on Facebook are going way up.

All you need to do is set up a dummy page (remember – page, not profile) and give it as much character as possible – it needs to look like a real person! Once done, simply start running ads through this page. It’s important that these ads appear as bona-fide recommendations – this will lure users in!

Once they’ve clicked this “recommendation”, they will be too deep in to go back. Why? Because a majority of these leads would be genuinely interested in your product or service – that’s why they wanted to read the review in the first place!

Collection Ads

Designed to make it easier for advertisers to showcase their products, a little creativity can turn Facebook’s brand new collection ads into hot clickbait!

A collection ad consists of a main image (or video) with four smaller images below it. Clicking on any one of these sends a user to a full-page ad for that product. Facebook users love quizzes even more than pretty pictures. Instead of using images, all you need to do is ask an interesting question, give four answer options in the smaller images, and watch the clicks come in!

The reason these mini-quizzes perform so well is because they don’t look like ads!

Make them curious

Now before you let out a groan about how many times you’ve heard this, it’s important to realize that you’ve probably never gotten it right. Why? Most likely because you’ve been trying to get users interested in your product. This is why we’ll repeat again – people don’t use Facebook to buy stuff. Instead, make your ad headline super interesting!

Don’t be generic or use action words like “buy” and “sale”, instead, use words like “learn” and “try”! Add shock value to your headline using phrases such as “You won’t believe” or “Ten things you’re doing wrong”. Add an air of exclusivity using brackets like (ENTREPRENEURS ONLY) – guaranteed to make people look!

If you liked these hacks, reach out and let us know! At Sunan Designs we have a team of experts that have years of experience and tips to share – there’s a lot more where these came from!

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