The Power of Custom Packaging

It’s 2020, and with everything that’s going on (you know, the pandemic?), E-commerce is more popular than ever before.

Everyone, from small business owners to that neighbor with the garage full of junk, is trying to sell something online.

Today’s online marketplace is completely saturated with brands, each trying to outdo the other.

And while there are many different ways to get ahead in the digital landscape, such as social media marketing and SEO, today we will look at something you probably forgot to consider when building your brand – your packaging!

Let’s take a look at why your brand needs custom packaging, and what it can do for your business.

1. First impressions are everything

Sure we’ve talked a lot about your brand identity and how important it is to make sure your social media and online presence reflects that identity, but what about when a customer receives your product?

You might have a great product but first impressions count for a lot, and it only takes humans 15 seconds to form an opinion about something.

Custom packaging means a great first impression and coupled with an equally great product, means that you’ve just scored the home run!


2. Customer retention is super important

The key to a successful E-commerce business is repeat customers. Customer retention is the only profitable way your brand can make money by selling online.

Why? Because if you’ve already got your customers hooked to your brand and product, you don’t need to spend so much on marketing to acquire new customers!

So how do you keep your customers coming back? Your packaging, of course!

Your product is the only physical thing that connects your customers to your brand.

If that product comes in amazing packaging that tells your customers they’ve made the right choice, then all you need to do is focus on sales.

Not only will your customers keep coming back for more, but they will also definitely recommend your brand to others.


3. Unboxing time!

This brings us to the next point – sharing on social media!

How many times have you scrolled Facebook or Instagram to find at least one unboxing video?

This is because when done right, custom packaging makes for great shareable content for social media.

Not only does this mean your brand gets more exposure and screen time, but you can also be sure that some of those viewers will place an order only because they’re so impressed with the packaging!


4. Add value

Last but not the least, custom packaging can add a lot of value to your product in ways you never thought possible.

Let’s say you’re selling shoes online. On one hand, you can simply put them in a regular old cardboard box, and ship them away.

Or…you can get some nice cinch-bags printed with your logo, pack the shoes in those bags, then put them in a nice cardboard box with your branding and ship them.

The bags add a premium feel to the shoes and your brand and the customer now has a useful travel accessory to carry their shoes.

The next time they’re looking for shoes online, the first thing in their mind will be those bags and your brand of course!



All of this will only work if your custom packaging is designed right. Even the smallest of problems such as a smudged print or the wrong color can put customers off.

The best way to make sure your packaging will impress is to get an expert to design it for you.

That’s where we come in. At Sunan Design, we have the skills and experience needed to design awesome custom packaging for your brand. Give us a call today!





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